Terms and Conditions

To benefit from the proposed TreknXplore from the site treknxplore.com services, we invite you to read these Terms and Conditions, and read them carefully.

These Terms and Conditions may be supplemented by special conditions applicable to specific services offered on the site.

Article 1 - Register

1.1 How to apply

Registration implies acceptance of these terms and conditions shall prevail over any other general conditions. All entries must be made using the entry form and be accompanied by a deposit of thirty (30)%. The receipt of the deposit is accepted by TreknXplore registration. The balance is payable one (1) month prior to departure. If payment of the balance one (1) month before departure TreknXplore may cancel your reservation without compensation. If you register less than one (1) month prior to departure, the full price of the trip must be paid at registration. Shipments are subject to special conditions of sale which supplement and / or amend these terms and conditions. The conditions of sale will be attached to the proposals for these types of trips.

1.2 Minor Participants

Entries minor participants are possible only if a parent exercising parental authority is also involved in travel.

1.3 Physical fitness

For all trips, the participant must ensure that his physical condition is suitable for the intended journey. In this regard, it is mandatory to consult a doctor for a medical certificate. TreknXplore can not be held responsible for any physical impairment. In addition, TreknXplore reserves the right not to proceed if shipments over them, it is found that one person in the group is in a state that does not allow him to continue the expedition. In any event, neither TreknXplore nor its officers, can not be held responsible for any physical problem occurred during or after one of these trips.

1.4 Administrative and Health Requirements - Security

It is recommended that participants consult the safety instructions issued by local authorities and travel recommendations made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This information may change until the date of departure. It is strongly advised to consult regularly. At any time of the trip, each participant is required to comply with the regulations and procedures of police, customs, health and other competent authorities.

Article 2 - Payment

The invoice is sent to the participant within fifteen [15] days after registration. The balance of the trip must be paid without stimulus from TreknXplore, since the participant will receive by return mail the documents needed to travel. The balance payment must be made no later than forty [40] days prior to departure. In case of payment by bank transfer the payment is due 35 days before the departure date. Any delay in the payment of the balance will be considered a cancellation which will be applied for cancellation referred to in Article 4 fresh. For registration within thirty [30] days of the departure date, the payment must be made at one time and for the full amount of the trip. Registration will be considered final only after receipt of this Regulation.

Any payment made within fifteen [15] days from the date of departure shall be made in cash, or bank transfer.

Article 3 - Price

3.1. Tour price

The price is that announced by the website treknxplore.com.

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum group size for travel offered by TreknXplore is four (4) persons and the maximum group size for travel offered by TreknXplore is fifteen (15) people (subject to create two groups).

3.3. Insurance Assistance

It is essential to have a multi-risk guarantee: relief and repatriation during the trip, medical expenses, theft of luggage, etc..

TreknXplore requires that every participant subscribes, separately, assistance and repatriation insurance, which TreknXplore reserves the right to request communication at any time.

Article 4 - Changes requested by the participant

4.1. Cancellation

Whatever the reason for the cancellation of the participant and whether or not the fact of a reason attributable to the participant, it must prevent TreknXplore immediately by email, followed by a registered letter with acknowledgment of reception.

If the cancellation occurs more than thirty [30] days of departure TreknXplore then reimburse the full price of the trip minus a lump sum of eighty [80] € per folder (visa fee + folder).

For cancellations less than thirty [30] days from the date of departure, a cancellation fee will be applied and calculated according to the following schedule (per person) depending on the date of cancellation:
30 to 15 days: 30% of tour price
14 to 8 days: 75% of tour price
July to January days: 100% of tour price

4.2. Changes or modifications travel

More than thirty [30] days prior to departure, to change travel or modify the dates or additional benefits of a trip, the participant must pay a fee of eighty [80] per folder. Less than thirty [30] days of departure, changes will be considered a cancellation and will result in the application of the cancellation conditions laid down in Article 4.1.

4.3. Trip Interruption

Any trip interrupted by decision participant (for reasons of health, level, or otherwise) of not entitle to any refund for unused services TreknXplore.

Article 5 - Changes from TreknXplore

5.1. Cancellation by TreknXplore

If the number of participants is insufficient, the trip may be canceled no later than thirty [30] days prior to departure.
Other causes cancellation related to local at risk (political, health, natural disasters ...), can occur at any time. In all these cases, registered participants are reimbursed by TreknXplore.

5.2. Change of plans

Events outside TreknXplore may impose before departure or a change in the travel conditions of the contract. In this case, each participant is informed by TreknXplore as soon as possible.

During the trip, program changes (dates, times, routes, coaching, accommodation, etc..) May occur because of organizational difficulties, for reasons of safety, weather or force majeure.

5.3. Trip Interruption

Any trip interruption decision guide for legitimate reasons (security level, weather or other force majeure) is not subject to any refund by TreknXplore unused services.

Article 6 - Liability

6.1. Liability

Responsibility TreknXplore or its officers is then no substitute for individual liability which each participant must hold.

6.2. Responsibility and risks

Responsibility TreknXplore or its officers can not be held liable for non-performance or improper performance of the contract is attributable to the participant, to an unforeseeable and insurmountable abroad for the supply of services provided to third party contract, or a force majeure. Thus, the responsibility of TreknXplore or its leaders in particular not be liable in case of :

- No show of administrative documents and health rules,
- Loss or theft of Customer airfare,
- Wars, political unrest, strikes, technical problems, bad weather, congestion of airspace, including delay for security reasons, failure, loss or theft of luggage and other items, orders of an administrative authority ...

During the trip, program changes related to organizational difficulties or decided for security reasons or force majeure may occur (including weather conditions). They do not engage in this case the responsibility TreknXplore.

TreknXplore organizes adventure trips, natural adventure land said, often remote and local infrastructure in areas difficult to access.

Given the particular nature of the trips organized by TreknXplore, each participant must follow the advice given in the detailed and / or in the logbook program. Each participant should be aware that it may be at risk of any kind due to local conditions (bad roads and means of communication, remote medical centers, political or health status, etc.).. He assumes knowingly.

Similarly, TreknXplore or its officers can not be responsible for the negligence of one or more individual participants TreknXplore reserves in any case the right to exclude at any time one or more participants whose behavior endangers the safety of group or well-being, without any compensation being due to the participant.

6.3. Safety information and recommendations of French Foreign Minister

To be fully aware of the geopolitical, health and climatic situation of the country / countries of travel chosen by the participant, the participant TreknXplore urge to check the plug on the country www.diplomatie.gouv.fr website under " advice to travelers. " This form is also available on request to TreknXplore.

Article 7 - Transport - Luggage

7.17.1. Air transport

TreknXplore chose the airline Qatar Airways, whose quality and service are impeccable.
In case of change of carrier, the Customer will be informed by the contracting carrier or by TreknXplore, by any appropriate means, when it becomes aware and later, must, at the time of registration. Schedules may be changed without notice.

Cancellation for chartered flights fees are 100%, regardless of the date of cancellation. In case of delays in transport to or after the trip and / or damage or loss of luggage, the participant may submit a claim directly to the airline, while informing TreknXplore of his actions.

7.2. Transport to the city from the trip

The participant must arrange transport only (pre and post routing) to the city from the trip and return to his home, he must bring tickets changeable and refundable and provide transfer time between airports sufficiently Important. TreknXplore will assume no costs related to such transport and / or transfers.

7.3. Baggage

Each participant is required to ensure the presence of luggage in organizing transfers. The airline is liable for damage, theft, loss or delay of baggage entrusted. The participant agrees to report any accident as soon as possible to the carrier and inform simultaneously TreknXplore. Luggage carried by simple means during expeditions and travels as the mules, the roofs 4x4, porters etc .... must be adapted to better these conditions by the owner (see the travel diary).

7.4. Specific terms of travel TreknXplore

TreknXplore does not know the exact flight at the time of registration for the trip schedules. The dates of departure, even late at night, and / or date of return (even early in the morning) are an integral part of the length of stay and are counted in whole days.

All trips organized by TreknXplore, unless otherwise specified, are provided with accommodation in a double room. Where possible, a single room can be requested on-site billing TreknXplore against supplement compared to the price of a double room.

7.5. High Mountain / Snow / Expeditions

The management personnel selected by TreknXplore to accompany the group of participants is the sole judge during the trip to make or modify the program provided for in order to ensure the safety of participants and the smooth journey and deal with circumstances unpredictable. Depending on climatic conditions and highs climbing objects, the physical condition of participants, TreknXplore, via his representative may be required to offer participants a suitable program and / or the presence of an additional guide. In case of refusal participant on grounds of non-legitimate, the additional costs shall be borne by the participant. The interruption of the stay due to a participant, thereby or without other objective and legitimate reason, can not give rise to any refund.

The participant is free to go on his own responsibility, before the departure date of the planned trip, return later, or since from any other city.

Article 8 - Complaints

Any claim relating to travel must necessarily be addressed by the participant TreknXplore, initially by e-mail and by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, accompanied by all supporting documents.